For Friends of adventure cyclist

Hello My friend! How have you been? Are you cycling on the earth now?
Our website mostly is written by japanese, because our english ability is not so good. But we want to let you know my travel, so I try to write a few pages in english.

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Our name is Yuji KIMURA & Aya KIMURA.
We ware born both in 1984. We married at 16,Feb,2013. We started our journy from 17,Sep,2013. We live in Tokyo, Japan.

<Route of our journy>
We want to cycle around the world. At first, we cycled in the south america.and next,we will cycle from the Europe to Asia. A countries we will pass is Spain, France, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Central Europe, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, India and Nepal.

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<Contents : explanation is japanese>
Route of cycled